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Crane Systems

Our multi-year and in-depth work with the construction of gantry cranes guarantees the existence of a network of high reliability partners for all components / spare parts for the construction, extension, modification or repair of any type of crane bridge.

Our partnerships with major European firms (Stahl Cranesystems, Veter, Hadef, Harrington, HBC, Wampfler, etc.) ensure the diversity and quality required for our customers across the range of components that make up a crane bridge.

We are able to offer solutions that are always tailored to your needs, taking into account all the details of an installation, including the work environment.

Chain / wire winches

Assembled wheel systems

Ηλεκτρομειωτήρες ειδικών προδιαγραφών

Πίνακες ελέγχου κινήσεων


Rolling cable systems

Wired / wireless controls

Gray line

Marginally overweight


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